[SANDAL proposed by POLPETTA

Adult sandals that can be worn at hotels

The sandal series is one of polpetta's most representative products. Did you know that all of our products are named after famous Italian resorts? We proceed with planning while imagining the atmosphere of the area and imagining the situation. This time I would like to introduce some of them.


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[Popular summer item POLPETTA Gurkha sandals]

POLPETTA summer classic Gurkha sandals finished with mesh. This is a mature pair that can be used for a wide variety of purposes, from casual style to linen pants or white denim, to a dressy look.




[Adult sandals that can be worn at hotels]

SARDEGNA MESH was introduced in the magazine LEON as sandals that can be worn in hotels. It goes perfectly with resort style. Not only does it go well with the midsummer shorts style, but it also goes great with the same wide tapered pants or cargo pants.



[Hidden classic "TUBO NUDA"]

It fits any foot. Since it is made of Velcro, you can adjust the instep to your own size so it won't flap around when you walk. In addition, the fingers are made of leather tubes with sponge inside. You can wear it comfortably.



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