size chart

When choosing the size, it is important to know the characteristics of your feet. We have prepared a measurement sheet at the bottom of the page. Please take this opportunity to know your size.




・Please select leather sole sandals such as Gurkha sandals from this chart.
・Please note that the PASSO series focuses on fit, so the size is a little tight.



NUDA sandals


Fitting service

If you would like to try on actual shoes for a fitting, you can try them on at our showroom. Please feel free to contact us.
*Currently, due to the influence of the coronavirus, the fitting service at the showroom has been postponed. Please wait a moment now.


What are the characteristics of your feet?

It is important to know your feet when choosing your shoe size. We tend to assume that our feet are big or small, such as my size being 26cm, but this is a visual representation of the length of our feet, and the three-dimensional shape that is the sum of the length and the thickness of the instep. It is important to understand that. Even if shoes are the same size, the shoe size will be different depending on the shoe shape proposed by the brand, and even if the shoe shoe size is the same, the fit will be different if the design is different. First, know the characteristics of your feet. We provide a measurement sheet to ensure accurate foot measurements. Please use this as a reference when asking questions regarding size.

Points to note when printing

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  • Please set the page settings to enlarge/reduce or set the magnification to 100% .
  • After printing, use a ruler to check that the memory size is correct.