Polpetta's standard product, POLPETTA TYPE-2, is characterized by its shoe tassels (we call them POL) made from rope work used by fishermen and yachtsmen to neatly tie together pieces of rope.
A versatile pair with a design that can be easily incorporated into a wide range of coordinations and the playful spirit unique to POLPETTA.




[Announced from the Spring/Summer 2013 collection]

The collection was announced in the spring/summer season of 2013. The concept is fantasy shoes that adults can play with, with the feet as the focal point. It's a new footwear style that allows you to add individuality to your outfits.



Palermo, Sicily

There is a wonderful beach called MONDELLO, less than 10km away from Palermo, Italy. I love the flow of time in this place, which is also known as a villa area, and my experience making shoes with my friends here is the basis of POLPETTA. Even in summer, the fresh air with no humidity changes all the colors. Adults get dressed up and go out on the town at night. I feel like a Palermo kid who never forgets to have fun.




[Monkey's fist knot?]

POLPETTA's iconic rope work is called MONKY'S FIST, which means "monkey's fist knot" in Japanese. The idea was to create a lightweight slip-on with a tassel that has never been seen before. As expected, this is also an idea that came out of play.


[Choose your favorite combination! ]

TYPE-2 tassels can be easily replaced. Enjoy coordinating your base shoes with POL (tassels) of your favorite color. We have a service to make your own pair with PERSONAL ORDER.


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